• Student seeking hostel facilities is required to register in Hostel by paying Rs.1500/- with the complete under mentioned materials and duty filled Hostel Registration Form attached here.
  • Student must pay two months fee in advance while registering his or her name for the same. Payment of monthly hostel fee shall be paid on or before 25th of the month for the next month and if failed such default student shall be liable to be discontinued the hostel facilities.
  • Students are not given hostel facilities in alternative months.
  • Fee once paid shall not be refunded on any case.
  • Only Signatories shall be allowed to visit and pick up the Hostellers in case of emergency and leave.
  • Students are mandatory to follow the Hostel rules and regulations as per the Hostel Guidelines.
For All classes
Hostel Admission- 1500
Hostel Monthly Fees- 5500